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Entrepreneurship Books

The United States of America Embassy in Swaziland is keen on growing entrepreneurship in the country; this was displayed through their donation of Entrepreneurship books to the Royal Science and Technology Park.

“We realise that entrepreneurship is not a panacea for society’s ills, nor does it offer opportunities for every young person. But there is much we can learn from developing an entrepreneurial spirit and a growth mindset.

“The set of books we are donating today covers a range of topics and ideas from the industry’s top practitioners, educators and experts,” US Ambassador Lisa Peterson said.

It was noted that the government of the country will not be able to absorb the throngs of young people graduating each year. RSTP was said to be an institution that the country needs which will help the country provide rigorous training, specialised education and entrepreneurship skills to youth.

“Among the books we are donating, there are more than 30 titles that explore almost every possible scenario, pitfall, and strategy for today’s most successful entrepreneurs. I have no doubt that many of these lessons can be applied in the country,” she said.

Peterson also said, it is with hope that access to new information and resources will spark new and innovative ways of creating, sharing and doing business.

In addition the Ambassador mentioned that the trend of going to school and studying hard is not as rewarding as it is used to be.

Furthermore, Peterson said today’s world rewards those who create their own opportunities, who find new solutions to old problems, or who simply see the world through a different lens.

The ministry of ICT together with RSTP was challenged to uplift and encourage the next generation to find their path.

RSTP CEO Vumile Dlamini said the donation means that the US government prioritises capacity building, particularly for innovation and livelihoods.

“Secondly, we believe that the US embassy recognises the importance of participation of all stakeholders in the development of an innovative and entrepreneurial society in Swaziland,” he said, adding that supporting RSTP at this early stage also means that the embassy foresees the impact this organisation will have in the transfromation of the economy from relying heaviliy on primary sectors to a science and technology-led one.

“I would like to say that the books you are donating today are a huge investment towards His Majesty King Mswati III’s vision which includes the empowerment of the youth so that they can create world class technologies and jobs for themselves.”

By Majaha Nkonyane | Swazi Observer

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