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Limkokwing Swaziland
Somhlolo Road, Remainder Farm 1117
P.O. Box 2336 Mbabane, H100
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Limkokwing Swaziland


The Limkokwing University is a global institution of higher education that is changing the way people are educated worldwide. We feel very strongly that every country is different with dissimilar priorities. Therefore education must play its part to ensure that the next generation of a country receives learning that will prepare it adequately to participate in building the economies of its countries. The world is using technology not only to interact but also to generate wealth. Technology must now become a vital part of every young person's education in Swaziland.

The Limkokwing University in Mbabane will be a campus where our Swazi students will be able to acquire industry relevant skills in addition to learning that emphasizes creativity, talent development and leadership qualities. We nurture our graduates to become responsible adults who will contribute to the well-being of an industry by using creative thinking to solve problems and provide fresh new perspectives to build the business.

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08:00am to 05:00pm Weekday Only
Wheelchair accessible
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