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The Hidden Mystery Behind Business Guides: A Comprehensive Overview

The Hidden Mystery Behind Business Guides: A Comprehensive Overview

When Google de-indexed over 500 small web directories in 2012, many stopped using all directories, fearing that Google would eventually penalize the rest. Five years on, we know this did not happen. Listing your business in major business directories and smaller, well-managed directories is beneficial and should not be avoided.

What Google did is eliminate only the poor quality directories which did not moderate their listings. Directories that are selective, rejecting spammy links and only listing real businesses, are safe and still valuable.

Matt Cutts, former head of Google’s web spam team, stated that Google is looking for directories to put in a lot of work when building their sites and to add value to their users, as opposed to running a link scheme. Contrary to what many may believe, it is not only good to be listed in online directories but also crucial to being found online and off.

Why Even the Smallest Businesses Need to Be Listed Online

Small businesses often don’t realize the importance of being listed in online databases and directories. For example, a restaurant that has been around for decades in a small town could very well not see the point of putting its information in an online database. But the truth is, it's owners are losing business by not doing so. Even in a small town/country, it is untrue that “everyone” knows about your business and its whereabouts. New people are always moving in, other people have short memories, and others are visiting or just passing through.

When people travel through a town, they use their mobile phones to search for restaurants, auto parts, mechanics, taxis, tow trucks and other types of businesses. Online databases/business directories power mobile search. If your business is not in the database/directory, potential customers will not find you, causing your business to miss out on sales.

Other reasons why businesses need to pursue being listed in web directories include:

  1. Listings populate search results, protecting your brand’s reputation from most negative online mentions.
  2. Visibility and links from these sites are powerful, valuable, and easy to get.
  3. Not claiming your business listings can allow competitors to take them over and steal your customers.

Having gone through this piece of reading, it is important that if you are a business owner and know an online digital directory in your country, do pick up the phone and get your business enlisted. You might not see the results instantly, but the truth is some day you will receive that one valuable referral from the directory listing.

Article by Gail Gardner

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